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We are passionate about quality - and strive for the perfect fit


We use HIPREXS - our 'high-precision executive search' process - to ensure that the recruitment and integration of candidates results in a perfect fit for the company. Thus:


  • We perform a detailed analysis of the company, its culture and its environment.
  • Our partners participate personally in every meeting the candidate has with the company.
  • It is extremely important for us that the position the client has to offer is what a candidate genuinely wants to do.
    That way clients obtain an employee with a passion and commitment that only a person's inner motivation can create. Candidates, in turn, achieve a level of professional and personal satisfaction that only comes from doing something
    they truly enjoy.
  • We always utilize direct search.


Based on our many years of operational experience – including at the Executive Board and Managing Director level -
we know from personal experience the 'roles' in the companies of the sectors we support.



We are international


Due to our international experience and network, we have comprehensive knowledge of the economic and cultural specifics of the most important markets.