With broad expertise and many years of experience


We are very successful in the following areas:


  • Supporting owners and directors - hands on or in the background - while experiencing:
    -   Low profitability and in all types of crisis
    -   Fast growth, integration of companies, globalization
  • Managing a company with custom-designed management accounting systems
  • Business development in Austria, Canada, China, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, and USA
  • Starting a subsidiary in Austria, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and USA
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Corporate compliance for small and medium sized companies
  • Coaching entrepreneurs and managers during their reorientation:
    -   Well-founded determination of the long-term goals and the steps necessary to reach them
    -   'Your personal plan till 75'


From experience we know, what makes sense in practice, and at the same time we are so innovative, that our clients are strengthened for the long run.