HIPREXS® stands for "high-precision"


The words "high precision" describe our approach and our ambition.

We win for our clients people who, with their personalities, professional aspirations and qualifications, truly fit to
our client's business.

One of our distinctive features is that we also identify the candidates' visions and professional aspirations and
take them equally into account.

Our "high-precision executive search" process, HIPREXS®, involves:



1. Analyzing the position's responsibilities and the company


  • We perform a detailed analysis of the company, including its culture, its environment, and the position's role and responsibilities. This also serves to provide the candidates with a comprehensive insight into their future company.
  • We develop a profound understanding of where and how our client would like to take the company with the help of
    the candidate.



2. Identifying potential candidates


  • We personally identify and analyze the environments and specific companies where potential candidates have worked until now.



3. Understanding the candidates


  • We are interested in what motivates our candidates. We work intensively together and get to know them.
  • We supplement our understanding with psychometric profilings.
  • It is extremely important for us that the position the client has to offer is what a candidate genuinely wants to do.
    That way clients obtain an employee with a passion and commitment that only a person's inner motivation can create.
    Candidates, in turn, achieve a level of professional and personal satisfaction that only comes from doing something
    they truly enjoy.



4. Conducting interviews with candidates and building mutual trust


  • Our partners participate personally in every meeting to observe, analyze and support the progress that the client and candidate make to "come together."
  • Our candidates learn about the status of the company and the upcoming challenges from both our clients and ourselves.
  • We make everything as transparent as possible - also for the candidates.
  • We respect and value our candidates.
  • If it turns out during the process that a candidate is not an optimal fit for a company, or vice versa, we communicate
    the reasons openly.



5. Making a decision


  • We are an experienced entrepreneurial advisor for our clients as they make their decisions.
  • We also assist the candidates when they make their decisions. This is based on the mutual trust we have developed and the knowledge we have gained about the development options that are suitable for a candidate.



6. Follow-up support and integration


  • Our partners support the candidates with their integration into the company.
  • Due to the close personal relationships that we have developed, we stay in contact with our clients and
    candidates for many years to come.